Proprietor and Designer


Robert Smith’s experience and vision have guided the direction of the ever-growing presence that is Laurels.

" [Robert Smith] A life long advocate of the art of gracious living, Smith became one of Los Angeles’ arbiters of style and decorum upon opening the doors to Laurels Custom Flora & Events in 1988. "

- InStyle Magazine

Originally a custom floral studio specializing in unique and audacious creations for hush-hush celebrity clients and Hollywood socialites, Smith was quickly courted to design private parties and weddings. The resulting word-of-mouth made Smith the local authority on wedding and party design.

As such, it was a foregone conclusion that he would eventually be approached by the motion picture and television industries. Smith has been the designer behind the looks for movies such as, “Father of the Bride”, “The Wedding Planner” and a multitude of others. Visit Motion Picture and Television to learn more.

Smith’s work for private clients extended into corporate events and promotions where he quickly grew to be a well-known figure in the national event scene.

Smith’s large-scale corporate clients include names such as Charles Schwab, FOX Television, Mitsubishi, Oxygen Networks, and numerous others.

With a new line of outdoor furniture and accessories and films such as ”The Sweetest thing” with Cameron Diaz and Spielberg’s new release “Catch me if you Can” Robert Smith is sure to set trends in the world of both film and Events.




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